Cyber Security User Training

We spend the time and effort to research the best practices to help protect your business information. Your information is Private and Confidential. Make electronic privacy a priority for your business and yourself.


60% of Small Businesses Fail After a Data Breach
85% of Breaches are Related to Human Error – Preventable Error

Best practices for securing information begins with best-in-class user training. Everyone using any electronic device (personal or business) puts your company at significant security risk. iON Services is your premier and affordable cyber security training company.

Stay informed. Be proactive. Secure your data. Educate Your Team.


iON Services provides premier Cyber Privacy and Security Training. This training is easy to understand, practical, and provides tremendous benefits to enhance your cyber security protection. Training is provided onsite at your location on a custom basis tailored to your specific company.

Cyber Privacy and Security training covers several leading-edge topics and is tailored to your business needs. Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Why & How Cyber Breaches Occur
  • Browsers and Add-Ons
  • Search Engines
  • Phishing, SMiShing, and Vishing Prevention
  • Website URL Security
  • Passwords
  • Travel Risks and Protections
  • Device Settings
  • Wi-Fi Risks and Protections
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Two Factor Authentication
  • Encryption Use
  • Cloud Usage and Associated Risks
  • Access Control Methods
  • Incident Response
  • Ransomware
  • Social Media Risks and Risk Mitigation Methods

Cyber Privacy and Security Training is provided without any limit on number of attendees:

  • Plan I: Cyber Security Training (2-hour session)
  • Plan II: Enhanced Cyber Security Training (Two independent 2-hour sessions)
  • Plan III: Up-to-Date Refresher Training (1.5-hours) is an optional training module. This session enhances initial training by providing a mechanism to keep up-to-date with Cyber Security Training within 12 months of initial training with either Plan.

iON Services also provides critical Cyber Security Policy Training. This specialized training is designed and tailored solely for decision and policy setting personnel to insure cyber security policy components are identified and addressed. On request, we also review existing cyber security policies and standards with recommendations or will provide cyber security standards and policy recommendations.

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Do not hesitate – every day without Cyber Privacy and Security Training is another day your company at grave risk from cybercriminal attacks.

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Affordable, Brief, Concise and Informative Training Programs Available

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